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Xiangyuan Food takes you to the 2016HOTELEX Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Exhibition of the Food Industry


HOTELEX is one of the largest, most influential and highest quality hotel catering fairs in China. The total exhibition area is more than 200,000 square meters, attracting thousands of hotel catering quality suppliers from home and abroad. About 100,000 professional visitors visited the exhibition.

In addition to regular exhibitions, HOTELEX will make greater breakthroughs in live competitions and forums, not only to gather the most authoritative industry resources for on-site interaction, but also to bring more high-end to hotel catering industry and professional buyers. Event events.

Hubei Xiangyuan Food Co., Ltd. has participated in the exhibition and promotion activities of Shanghai Hotel Supplies Exhibition and High-end Food and Beverage Exhibition for four consecutive years, and released nearly 100 new products and new formulas representing the industry's leading technologies and processes. In the field of non-dairy cream products: various new types of coffee special creamer, milk tea special creamer, health and safety zero acid reflux vegetable cream, baking special creamer, ice cream special creamer and for special purposes The acid-resistant, cold-melt and ultra-high-protein products are constantly being researched and developed. The smooth, fragrant and natural taste characteristics of the products have been recognized by the professional customers through the exhibition. In the field of coconut fruit products: high-quality coconut fruit fermented by the company's self-selected strains, with its smooth, crisp and delicate mouthfeel, super water-holding, stable structure and good plasticity, at the exhibition. While winning a good reputation, it has also won the favor of many large customers in the industry.

At this year's show, we have brought new products such as grain flour, fruit and vegetable powder, super-micro grinding technology of up to 1000 mesh, pre-gelatinization, roller drying process, selected seasonal ingredients of the original origin, 100% pure powder. Naturally good taste, product quality meets export standards. We expect these high-quality pumpkin powder, purple potato powder, high-fiber nutrient cereal, black bean powder, yogurt powder and other new products to win your approval through the exhibition!